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Can you ever have too many raspberries ???

17 Jul


I’ve picked over 2kg of raspberries this week !

They really are the best value for money crop I grow on my allotment. At almost £2 for 100g in the supermarket that’s £40 worth !



And they’re organic and practically carbon free !
All I do is cut out the old canes over the winter, then I just leave them to do their own thing.

I’ll make jam, pavlovas, summer pudding and just eat them straight out of the bowl !


What’s not to like ?!!


Sunday Sunshine

24 Feb

I finally made it down to my allotment – first time this year ( don’t tell anyone !!)


It was a lovely morning and there were plenty of signs of spring to be seen – the odd bumble bee, buds on the fruit bushes, and millions of nigella seedlings !!
This weekend’s task was to tackle my soft fruit. Over a third of my plot is laid down to soft fruit – black currants, red currants, summer & autumn raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries and josta berries. Josta berries are a strange cross between gooseberries and black currants you can eat them raw or cooked and they make nice jam and ice cream.
This permanent planting of fruit is a good use of space as maintenance is minimal and the rewards are high. It would cost a fortune to buy the fruit I harvest and it’s easy to preserve and freeze.

At this time of year I just need to cut down the autumn raspberries to the ground – they fruit on this coming seasons canes. On the summer raspberries I cut out the canes that fruited last summer leaving the new growth to fruit this summer.
The black currants were pruned last summer when I harvested the fruit – I simply cut out the heavily fruited branches and then remove the berries – much less back breaking! But if you didn’t do this, you can remove some of the older growth.
My gooseberry and josta berry have got completely out of control so I took the radical action of hard pruning these – I won’t get much fruit this year – but to be honest there’s still plenty in the freezer!

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1
It was just about dry enough for a bonfire too ! Although I do seem to have a problem with bonfires and had to get my lovely allotment neighbour Eric to help – bonfires are obviously a man thing !

January is a Jammy Month !

24 Jan

I know that all the really organised WI types make their jam in the summer months as their fruit ripens. But I always find that I am far to busy actually gardening ( and holidaying !)  in those summer months to actually make jam. So I throw it all in the freezer and wait for a dull wet day in January to release all that summer goodness !


I’m not sure if the fruit deteriorates in any way but I have never had any problems with it setting and it always tastes delicious!! Raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, redcurrants all work well.


And while all the jam making paraphanlia is out, I have made some Seville Orange Marmalade – the oranges are only in the shops for a few weeks in January so now is the time – but I do also throw these in the freezer some years and they work brilliantly from frozen too.


So for once I am calling the shots, rather than my allotment !

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