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Coton Manor – Beautiful Bluebells

8 May

I had a lovely trip yesterday to Coton Manor, Northamptonshire.

It’s a garden I’ve visited many times over the years as a good friend volunteers there and I have attended many good sessions at the Garden School with people such as Sarah Raven, Fergus Garrett and Bunny Guinness


But this trip was a bit different – I was taking my neighbour Glenys to celebrate her 90th birthday in order to see the bluebells.

Coton is rightly famous for its bluebells – there are over an acre of them, spread under an enormous canopy of beech trees. They are of course English Bluebells, not the larger and some would say more vulgar Spanish bluebells. To tell them apart- the English ones hang their bells down in a delicate droop whilst the Spanish variety stand very upright.

And they looked simply amazing ….


The sight of the bluebells stretching as far as the eye can see, the delicate scent, the cathedral like presence of the beech trunks and the ethereal light filtering through the beech leaves, is enough to render anyone speechless and Glenys was suitably gobsmacked !


There are plenty of bluebell woods locally here in Warwickshire but the careful tending at Coton has enabled the bluebells to thrive without competition from cow parsley and brambles.




In between the showers, we managed to wander round the whole garden.

Coton Manor is a private house and garden owned by the Pashley-Tyler family. Susie Pashley-Tyler is the driving force behind the garden and has worked tirelessly to produce a garden that feels very much at ease with its self. Nothing seems to be trying too hard, there’s nothing too trendy here – no exotics garden, no prairie planting, just excellent traditional herbaceous plantings full of roses, peonies, clematis etc.


Above, a beautifully trained wisteria.


Above, plenty of colour provided here by purple Honesty.


Above, here a perennial wallflower provides the zing.


Above, blue camassias stand proud in the wildflower meadow.


Above, candelabra primulas alongside the steam.


Above – what I wouldn’t give for a pot like this ! Filled with Spring Green tulips.


Beautifully trained espalier apples line the vegetable garden.

An excellent lunch ( and tea !) rounded off a lovely day.

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