The perfect Job for a another wet day….

16 Jan

As we seem to be drowning under another deluge of rain, its the perfect excuse to sit inside in the dry and start choosing your seeds for the year.

When it comes to vegetables I do grow most of them from seed.This is the most cost effective way and it helps that I do have an electric propagator and a greenhouse. But it is also the only way to get the exact varieties that you want.


When deciding what to order I make sure I sort thru which seeds I have left over from last year, then vow to throw them out and order a fresh batch! I don’t know how long seeds can hang around for – it will depend on the variety and how well they’re stored but its safe to say that you will greatly improve your success rate by using fresh seed.but inevitably I end up with several packets of some. Note to self: write date on packets then I’d know how old they were !!

I think any vegetable you decide to grow should meet at least one of the following criteria –

1.Taste – should taste substantially better than the shop bought variety e g tomatoes

2.Unusual  – a different colour/size to what is available in the shops e g yellow courgettes

3.Cheap – substantially cheaper to grow than buy e g fancy lettuce + soft fruit

4. Family will eat it in quantity – there’s no point growing courgettes if the kids wont eat them !

So based on those criteria these are the vegetable I will be growing this season

  • Spring onion ‘Holland Blood Red’ – red spring onions
  • Broad Bean ‘Superaguadulce’ – good for an early sowing, in fact must sow mine soon!
  • French Bean ‘Blue Lake Climbing’ – very prolific
  • French bean ‘Blauhilde’ – purple bean
  • Dwarf Bean – Rocquencourt’ – brigh yellow pods
  • Dwarf Bean ‘Purple Tepee’ – purple bean
  • Runner bean ‘Painted Lady’ – apparently you can eat the flowers – must try !
  • Beetroot ‘Bolthardy’ – the default variety
  • Beetroot ‘Chioggia’ – beautiful stripey pink and white variety
  • Carrot ‘Purple Haze’ – purple and orange roots
  • Courgette ‘Romanesco’ – ridged fruit
  • Lettuce ‘ Merveille de Quatre Saisons’ – crumpled red and green leaves
  • Lettuce ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ – good crunchy green

I tend to buy my seeds in a variety of different places  – Marshals ; Sarah Raven ; Simpsons Seeds ; Seeds of Italy and of course the supermarkets and garden centres.

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